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The Tringa Group – Health Care Division
The Tringa Group

Healthcare Division

The Tringa Group's healthcare division was established to help improve healthcare by facilitating communication among community and healthcare leaders, and by improving methods of healthcare diagnosis and procedure coding.

Slee's Health Care Terms

The Tringa Group established Tringa Press in 1985 to publish the first edition of a dictionary devoted solely to nonmedical healthcare terminology. Now in its fifth edition, Slee's Health Care Terms has become the foremost nonclinical healthcare dictionary in the United States, and is now published by Jones & Bartlett.

ICD-10-CM: A Close Look

Vergil Slee, MD, a pioneer in healthcare information technology and the coding of diagnoses, produced the first detailed review of ICD-10-CM. You may download it free here:

ICD-10-CM: A Close Look (pdf 378k)

Endangered Medical Record

Dr. Slee, along with Debora Slee and HJ Schmidt, also has written a book on the complete subject of coding and classification of diseases and procedures in the United States. The Endangered Medical Record includes a history of the Professional Activity Study (PAS) and an appendix including the introductions to ICD-9 and ICD-6.

The book is available here in its entirety in pdf version. Click here for a free download: The Endangered Medical Record.

To purchase the book from Amazon, click here: The Endangered Medical Record

Better Diagnosis Coding

There is an ongoing discussion on the topic: Should the United States change from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM? at the following site:

Better Diagnosis Coding